Underground Potable Water Tanks

Underground Potable Water Tanks WRC approved for Drinking Water




Underground Potable Water Tanks WRC approved for Drinking Water

Underground Potable Water Tanks/Drinking Water Tanks from 1800ltr to 10000ltr storage capacity. Manufactured from Polyethylene using rotational moulding process, the tanks are very strong and robust. The Tanks are also UV resistant and carry a 15 year warranty against material failure provided they are installed in accordance with manufacturers installation instructions and in conjunction with structural engineers guidance where applicable.

Underground Potable Water Tanks Low Profile Design

All Underground Potable Water Tanks/Drinking Water tanks in this range are a low- profile design, thus minimising depth of installation. Installation is very simple (see installation instructions) – pea gravel base, pea gravel surround to invert level and complete backfill with free flowing soil. Minimum cover level 500mm and max cover level 1300mm. Ensure installation is carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions

Necks & Covers

All Underground Potable Water tanks are supplied with a standard 600mm diameter neck opening with the option of twin necks on 6800ltr, 8400ltr & 10000 ltr tanks. Standard Telescopic necks are adjustable up to 300mm and can be tilted by up to 5 degrees in any direction and have been designed to cater for a range of filters and pump configurations.

Covers are available in two options, Standard pedestrian rated cover or vehicle rated cover.

Optional Equipment

A full range of equipment and accessories are available to compliment the range of tanks, making them ideal for rainwater harvesting applications. These include calmed inlet drainage pack, filter packs,32mm water pipe, economy garden, premium garden, direct pressure home & header tank home rainwater harvesting kit.

Rainwater Harvesting

This range of tanks are also ideal for Rainwater Harvesting


Underground Potable Water tanks/Drinking Water Tanks  Approvals & Regulations

All water tanks in this range are WRAS approved and certified.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all water supply tanks and fittings comply with relevant regulations and Byelaws for water supply where applicable

WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme


The Water Supply (water fittings) regulations 1999

England & Wales

The Water Supply (water Fittings) Regulations 1999

Northern Ireland

The Water Supply (water Fittings) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009


All prices quoted include delivery – mainland Uk only. Outlying areas may incur additional delivery charges – call for details before ordering.

Offloading is the responsibility of the customer – additional charges may apply in the event of non delivery

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1800 Ltr, 2600 Ltr, 3400 Ltr, 4400 Ltr, 5200 Ltr, 6800 Ltr, 8400 Ltr, 10000 Ltr, Telescopic Neck & Seal, Pedestrian Lid Cover, Vehicle Lid Cover, 6800 Ltr Twin Neck Tank, 8400 Ltr Twin Neck Tank, 10000 Ltr Twin Neck Tank