Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden

Rainwater harvesting garden

Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden not only helps our environment but can reduce water bills  considerably.

Rainwater Harvesting is Simply a method of collecting and storing rainwater from your roof to use around your home. The main benefits of rainwater harvesting are; reducing water bills and sustainability.

Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden - Systems

There are many options when it comes to choosing a Rain Water harvesting system, depending on how you intend to use the rainwater.
Rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines, garden irrigation and car washing.

Garden Systems – garden Irrigation, car washing, garden use.

Gravity Fed Systems – Washing machines, Toilets & Garden

Direct fed systems – Washing machines, Toilets & Garden

Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden

Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Home & Garden Selection

Selecting the best Rainwater harvesting system can be a daunting task. Let us help you select the most suitable Rain Water harvesting System for your application. Maximising the use of your Rainwater harvesting
Water will save on water bills and make your home more sustainable.

Whether you are looking for a full system or individual components, we have a range of popular systems on our Garden, Direct Fed, Gravity Fed, Tanks, Pumps and Components pages.


Garden Rainwater Harvesting Systems

A garden rainwater Harvesting system comprises of Above Ground or Below Ground Tank, filter, calmed inlet and submersible or above ground pump. 


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Direct Fed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Direct fed rainwater Harvesting systems comprise of Underground Tank, mains water back up, filter, calmed inlet, submersible pump or optional above ground pump and control panel.


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Gravity Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Gravity fed Rainwater harvesting Systems comprise of Underground tank, calmed inlet, filter, header tank located in loft space and controller.


Rainwater Tanks are available for above ground and below ground applications, however we recommend underground tanks for rainwater harvesting as the water remains cool and is not subjected to light. This leads to a higher quality of water and eliminates bacterial growth within the tank. Above ground tanks are suitable for garden use only.

We have a full range of tanks available from 1200ltr to 50,000ltr for underground use – Roterra, Rocko and Low profile and 250ltr to 10000 ltr for above ground use – Wall tank, Utility Tank & RoQuadro. 

Selecting the correct size of tank for your application is very important, we can assist with this.

Call us for tank selection assistance.

Rainwater Harvesting Home and garden Pumps

A large selection of Above ground Pumps & Below Ground Pumps in various options available to suit every application.

submersible pump
Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting
submersible pump

Rainwater Filters

A vast range of Rainwater Filters are available – internal filters, external filters, rainwater filter collectors, rainus filters, compact filters, downpipe filters, basket filters, UV Filters etc. We can assist with the selection process to ensure you have the most suitable filters for your application. 

rainus filter
compact filter Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden

Rainwater harvesting Pipes, fittings and accessories

We stock a full range of water supply pipe, fittings and accessories to complete the package. 

Give us a call with your requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden
Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden
Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden
Rainwater Harvesting for Home & Garden


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